Born in 1957 in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). From 1958 to 1991 lived in in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Lives and works in Moscow. EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS

1987: solo exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

1989: solo exhibition held by the Russian Union of Art Photographers ((RUAP)), Moscow

1998: a solo exhibition at the Photo Biennial – 98, Moscow

1998: a solo exhibition in the Gallery Russkoe Pole, Moscow

2001: a solo exhibition at the State Public Saltykov-Shchedrin Library, Saint-Petersburg

2006: a solo exhibition at the Photo Biennial, Moscow

2008: a solo exhibition “People ashore”, GLAZ Gallery, Moscow

2010: a solo exhibition «Winter, Summer and once again…» at

1979–1991: solo and group exhibitions in Zapotozhye, Ukraine

1981–1987: group exhibitions in Spain, Denmark, Rumania, Czechoslovakia

1988: group exhibition in Cheboksary, Russia

1987–1988, 1993: group exhibitions in Moscow

1989: group exhibition "150 Years of Photography”, 1990, the MANEGE Central Exhibition Hall

1993: group exhibition "Ukrainian photography today", curatorial assistant Boris Mikhailov, Rutgers Arts Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

1996: group exhibition in LEICA gallery, New York, the USA

2006: photography website created 2011: presentation at Portfolio Review Russia, Center for Contemporary Culture GARAGE, Moscow

2016-2017.g.-party of the IV Biennale in the halls of the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum PUBLICATIONS:

1988-- took part in the book "Russian modern photo", Finland

1989-- photographs used in the film "Red series", directed by Ivan Dykhovichny

1989-- Photography Almanac "Photo-89", PLANET Publishing House, Moscow

1991–1994: published in “Nezavisimaya gazeta” newspaper, magazines “Rodina” and “Stolitsa”

1994–1998: worked for “KOMMERSANT” newspaper

1999–2010: worked for “Vedomosti” newspaper (Independent Media Sanoma Magazines)

1998-- portfolio published in "Photomagazine" file:///C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp/Fotomagazin_1998_39_05.pdf

2004-- portfolio published in the "Foto & Video" Magazine (2004/7)

2020-- participant of the project of the Pushkin Museum, in which people associated with art share their experience of meaningful living of time "100 ways to live a minute"

2021-- exhibition of photos taken in 1990 by Sergey Nikolaev and Vladimir Filonov in the Kenozersky National Park for the 30th anniversary of the park

2024 – the exhibition "Passengers" in the Internet gallery F11


Moscow House of photography (Moscow);

Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin (Moscow);

State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg);

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

The world outside is a stream of life, inside me is also a stream of life. And these two streams interact for 24 hours. At some moments in my life, when the camera is at hand, and what I see resonates in me, and I find the strength, time, determination ... I take out the camera and shoot. At this moment at this point… The two streams joined together - and this has a visible result on the film, on the matrix. And so there is another stream, a stream of photographic images.
As a child, after the rain, my friends and I went outside and let match boats run along the stream of water rushing along the curbs between the highway and the pedestrian. Matches often got stuck in fallen branches or leaves, and you could only push your boat… And so be in the flow again and again…
Space is now entering "my" stream. Multilayered space with a "secret", rasterized space, structures of space and attempts to remove so that "nothing" is removed… And filming people has stopped being interesting, and I tend to cut them off like an advertisement. They are a hindrance to contemplate 8½ drops of Zen and hear the "Sound of one hand clapping"…

Haiku Bass:
The old pond!
A frog jumped.
A splash of water.

And if you want to keep it simple, then I remove fences, grids, grilles, graffiti, walls, houses, construction sites…